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Woolworths/Macro: Remove all animal products from your Vegetarian range!

Woolworths markets these products to Vegetarians and Vegans, yet some of them contain Animal derivatives.

For example, Macro "Soy Cheese" contains both Casein and "Cheese Flavours", both of which are marked on the product as being milk derived.

How could any person seeking to distance themselves from the Dairy industry purchase these products? These are yet another example of Woolworth's ignorance when it comes to Vegans and their willingness to take part in the slavery of animals.

Unfortunately for purchasers, these are the only soy cheeses sold by Woolworths, and Vegans are forced to buy products from expensive speciality grocers instead.

Woolworths, we challenge you to remove all animal derived ingredients from your Vegetarian range of products!

Show Woolie's you'll take no Bull from them!

If you want to know more about how Dairy cows suffer, visit this link:

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