Woolworths: Immediately sack employee who donated chaff bag jacket signed by Alan Jones.

Woolworths community and government relations manager Simon Berger is listed as the donor of the chaff bag jacket that was autographed by Alan Jones and auctioned at a function.

The chaff bag is an appalling reference to Alan Jones’ comment that Julia Gillard should be tied in a chaff bag and dumped out to sea.

I am utterly appalled that a Woolworths representative would condone and make light of a public urging to kill the Prime Minister.

At the same event, Alan Jones made a vicious and hateful remark that the PM’s father “died of shame” -- but Simon Berger didn’t see fit to question that.

To say Simon attended as a private citizen is absolute rubbish. His job description is government relations. Don't think you can fool the public with that spin.

Woolworths’ reaction to this is a disgrace, and Simon Berger should be immediately removed from his position as government relations manager.

Woolworths should STOP not SUSPEND advertising for a 12 month period. 

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