Woodbury HOA: Stop Spraying Woodbury with Toxic Pesticides!

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Woodbury HOA: Stop Spraying Woodbury with Toxic Pesticides!

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Non Toxic Woodbury started this petition to President Owen Klug and

Neighbors, you can make Woodbury safer for its residents and pets.

Please sign this petition telling our Woodbury HOA Board to follow our city's lead and permanently stop spraying toxic pesticides. 

Did you know that our Woodbury HOA Board approves the use of a toxin used for chemical warfare and a known carcinogen in places where we take walks and let our kids and pets play?

- SpeedZone: shares 50% of the active ingredient used in Agent Orange (used during Vietnam War, caused widespread cases of cancer and birth defects)
- RoundUp: active ingredient is glyphosate, classified as known carcinogen by State of California and a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization

You should care because:
- The City of Irvine and IUSD went non toxic over a year ago
- Other private HOAs in Irvine have also gone organic with no increase in cost
- Exposure to these and other pesticides have been linked to cancer, lower IQ, infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, ADHD, asthma, autism, Alzheimers, and other serious illnesses
- American Academy of Pediatrics says there is NO SAFE LEVEL of pesticide exposure for children
- Pesticides are toxic chemicals—poisons designed to kill. They are dangerous for all living things including adults, pregnant women and especially babies and children
- 50% of person's lifetime pesticide exposure occurs during the first 5 years of life
- Pesticide spray can drift for miles and can be tracked indoors by shoes and pets, persisting in carpet fibers for up to a year
- In clay soils like ours, the half-life of glyphosate can be as long as 22 years
- No signs are posted at the actual site where pesticides are sprayed

What can you do to instantly make Woodbury safer?
- Sign this petition
- Share this petition with Woodbury neighbors via email, social media and by word of mouth

How often do you check the community bulletin board or the HOA website? The most recent list of approved chemicals (including RoundUp and SpeedZone) is dated June 2017. We DO NOT KNOW what, if anything, was sprayed in the entire month of July.

This petition will be sent to the current Woodbury HOA Board of Directors and election candidate and also representatives from Keystone Pacific Property Management and Park West Landscaping. We invite any of these people to also sign this petition. 

Each month, more private HOAs within Irvine are making the switch. So should we. 

Please join us and sign this petition to tell the decision makers of our community to take a vote on this issue at the Board meeting scheduled September 28, 2017. The homeowner forum portion of the meeting will begin at 5:30pm. Our HOA Board needs to hear the message loud and clear: they must protect the residents of Woodbury by permanently stopping the use of dangerous pesticides.  

Many thanks,

Non Toxic Woodbury

Anu, Azusa, Kim, and Marla, et al.

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This petition had 624 supporters