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My name is Mellisa, and I am currently living in Fort McMurray. I am here in hopes to get the plastic bags BACK into Fort McMurray. I am currently an employee at a grocery store here, and I see it all the time as to people whom forget bags, or the ones who say that they have 100 at home. That the bags take up way too much space, and over time have to be thrown out. They are just a huge hassle. So with that I am writing this:

The person whom banned the bags must have not realized that we stand on not one but two oil sands. The reusable bags that people have to purchase are supposed to be more "environmental", but yet they are made of more plastic, they come from other countries;(feul and smoke going into air) and some just get thrown out leading to more garbage into the dump that does not biodegrade.

Here is a quote I took from a website:" Many reusable bags being sold at the country’s major retailers are imported. Wal-Mart sells reusable bags with slogans like “A little green goes a long way.” In fact, many have also come a long way—over 7,000 miles. Wal-Mart’s standard reusable bag (50 cents) is made in China. Whole Foods has a variety of 99-cent “ Better Bags ” that are made from 88% recycled materials, but they’re not exclusively made in the U.S., a spokesman says. (Whole Foods shoppers are offered a rebate of 10 cents for each reusable bag they use.) Home Depot also touts a store-branded orange nylon tote (99 cents), which is made in China." Now, isnt the reusable bags supposed to be more "enviormental"... bit of a contradictory if you ask me.

Also, they are a health risk. A article I took from a website ( Thank you to Chantal M. ), is as follows: "Reusable grocery bags, growing in popularity with shoppers going green or complying with local plastic bag laws, could also be growing dangerous bacteria. Reusable bags tested positive for E. coli, salmonella and coliform bacteria, according to studies by Loma Linda University and the University of Arizona. The bacteria proliferated wildly when the bag was left in a hot car. A whole haul of groceries could be infected by contaminated bags, said health educator Rosemary Anthony. "When you have raw meat or unwashed fruits and vegetables, the germs on the food items themselves can cross-contaminate, can get on the bag," Anthony said." I for one sometimes get un-explainably sick and have to take time off work as I am always touching those bags.

Plastic bags on the other hand are more useful. They can be thrown out; ie recycled in the blue bins and also can be melted down and made into a bag again. The people who say that items are made from 100% recycled plastic should just get a move on and actually do what they say they do. They dont take up much space in the dump, and can be used over and over again given that they have not torn. We use garbage bags for garbage all the time, but the moment we want to use smaller plastic bags for our groceries, there is a big stink about it. If the person who banned them was really concerned, they would have banned the garbage bags as well, or even the plastic bottles that people use alot more then garbage bags. We live in a world where finding things that are more "environmental" is just obosilite. Taking away the plastic bags for consumers here in Fort Mack, is just plain ol' dumb. Why haven't they taken them away for other parts of Alberta.... why just Fort McMurray. You can travel half hour out of town, and guess what, they give you a plastic bag.  

Merchants can still make that little extra dollar on bags for the people whom want to still purchase them, or even putting a 5 cent recycling fee on the plastic bags. That way we are not petitioning for companies to loose profit. In turn we are doing what we should be doing, and keeping the customer happy. :)  ( I know I would be happy going to do my groceries which generally are about 200-300$ worth and not have to worry about bringing bags, or having to pay for something that just lays in my house anyways... I actually use the plastic bags for bathroom garbage cans, and for other little things around the house.)

Now, just cause I want to bring them back (and I know alot of others do as well), doesnt mean you have no choice but to use plastic, you can still use what bags you want. If using the reusable bags for yourself is better, then so be it. But lets give people a choice. Isnt that what we Canadian's and pretty much every place in the world is dictated by. "Give the people the choice". Well, here is me saying..... "I choose to use plastic bags, and would like to see them back."

Now what is your choice??

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