Roche: Don’t put a price on women’s lives

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The drug Kadcyla gives women with incurable secondary breast cancer precious extra months – even years – to live, but we’re running out of time to make sure it’s available to patients who need it.

From November, thousands of women in England will be denied access to this revolutionary drug, because it costs too much.

Kadcyla is proven to extend life, giving women living with incurable secondary breast cancer precious extra time with their loved ones.

But this pioneering treatment, with very few side effects, is at risk of being removed from the Cancer Drugs Fund unless Roche, the drug’s manufacturer, lower their price.

The clock is ticking, Roche must lower the price of Kadcyla while there’s still time for negotiation with the NHS.

If these negotiations fail, Kadcyla will no longer be available to new patients. And women living with breast cancer will pay with their lives.

Women like Connie, who was diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer at just 23.

She will need Kadcyla to give her more priceless time to live.

“No words come close to describing how important drugs like Kadcyla are to me, but actions speak louder than words and my treatment allows me to continue to do all the things I love and want to accomplish while still feeling like any other woman in her 20's.

Kadcyla was going to be my next option and this decision has put a massive question mark over my future treatment.”

If Roche provide Kadcyla at a price that’s affordable to the NHS, it could remain on the Cancer Drugs Fund. This would mean women like Connie will be able to access it, allowing them to have precious extra months – or even years – with their loved ones.

If Roche refuse to act, this life-giving treatment option will be taken away from thousands of women who are relying on it. Kadcyla is available as standard treatment in a number of other countries – it’s completely unfair that women here will be denied equal access.

It’s clear that there’s a bigger problem that needs fixing – we need a system in place that allows all patients to access the drugs that they need, but making sure Kadcyla is available to women who need it right now is absolutely essential.

We have to act urgently to convince Roche to make the right decision.

It's impossible to put a price on life's precious moments. But it's not impossible to put a fair price on life-extending drugs.

Act now and demand that Roche lower the cost of Kadcyla before it’s too late.

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