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STAND UP, If you ever peed sitting down on a western toilet seat wet with someone’s urine!

UTI, kidney stones, peeing standing up are merely the tip of the iceberg of trouble that stares at women when faced with dirty and wet western toilets in public spaces. Imagine a woman with a rash or herpes having used it unwillingly. The brush that cleaned it having taken a dip in the holy water. The poor seat well-irrigated by well-meaning but not-well-aimed men.

Okay, Big Data world. Right? So here we go! According to a source, over 45000 harmful bacteria reside on an average western toilet seat. I’ll spare more data. It’s disgusting.

The solution is pretty simple. Indian squatting toilet.

No touching business! Very touching topic!

O the Bureau of Indian Standards! the PMO! the Health Minister! Indian Railways! and Ministry of Urban Affairs! Other big folks! Simple request here! Please listen to us, We need at least a few Indian toilets in public spaces.

“We need to stand up to pee in peace!”

Girls! My grandmother told my mother who told me - “Hold it till you get home!” And I am taking it seriously. I am going to stand up and hold my PEE-TITION till I drive the point home.

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