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Women's Voices Create Change

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The situations of economic instability, violence, gap between those who have and those do not, deteriorating health and a divisive attitude about diversity within our country have been escalating. We do not lack for issues that need attention and solution. Unless there are major changes, ten years down the road, our country and families will be in even greater despair.
Research and statistics indicate that in a country with an imbalanced ratio favoring men between male and female, that violence and instability increases. The valuing and inclusion of women is the best indicator for the security of stability of a country. Experiences around the world also indicate that when women and their creative ideas are valued and included, that social good occurs.
Understanding that there are many issues being proposed during this election year as the most important, we stand to say that the most important issue beginning in this election year is that there be equal men and women at discussion and decision making tables. Otherwise, we will continue to escalate into competition and power, conflict, manipulation of media, divisiveness, and disenfranchisement of our diversity.
We will be watching and voting for those who speak of and stand firmly for the inclusion and valuing of women's voices in all aspects of life and policy making.

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