Women's Clothing Brands: We Want Real Pockets Too!

Women's Clothing Brands: We Want Real Pockets Too!

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Started by Prakshi Saha

Be it keys, cash or a phone, every time I step out, I need to carry a bag with me, because I cannot fit anything in my tiny pockets. What is worse is that some of my clothing items have faux pockets!

Besides equal wage and equal rights, one feminist demand that has remained constant for centuries is pockets in women’s clothing!

One look around and you can always find a woman complaining about small or no pockets at all or a woman rejoicing at the mere existence of pockets in her dresses! The struggle is real.

The internet, too, is full of Twitter rants, videos and Instareels about one burning question- why women’s clothes do not have functional pockets? Sign my petition! 

And what infuriates us the most is - fake pockets! Why do they even exist if they serve no purpose at all? Where are we supposed to keep our phones, keys and wallets? 

Women’s fashion industry has long been dodging the needs of the very demographic it serves. It chooses to focus on design, style and how a fabric drapes around our bodies rather than form, function and utility. 

The lack of pockets for women’s clothes can be traced back to the times of the French Revolution. It’s 2022 and we are still complaining about it. We deserve functional pockets in our jeans, dresses, kurtas and skirts! Women need pockets too!

710 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!