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We are a diverse group of women leaders in San Antonio, Texas. Some of us are survivors of domestic abuse, all of us are horrified that a man who has been accused of domestic violence by both his former and current wife is on the cusp of becoming the mayor of the 7th largest city in the country. We are worried what the election of this man would say to our sisters, sons and daughters. We are convinced his election would set the cause of women back decades in our city.

Greg Brockhouse, currently the Councilman for District 6, has for years held close ties as a strategist and key advisor for the police and fire unions in San Antonio. Perhaps it is those ties that account for the convenient disappearance of his police records on these matters. Making our case more difficult is the fact that the organizations tasked with protecting women and children from domestic violence in our city rely on city funding that they stand to lose if this man becomes mayor. For this reason they are justifiably fearful and may be reluctant to call him out.

Specifically, we have joined together to draw attention to this situation because:

  • In 2018 there were 28 domestic violence related murders in San Antonio. This number has quadrupled since 2015. Domestic Violence is an epidemic in our community.
  • We believe strongly that a man who abuses women is not fit to serve as mayor of our city.
  • We suspect that the evidence shows a pattern of abusive behavior that should not be so easy to sweep under the rug.
  • We believe that Greg Brockhouse’s character and personality are consistent with that of domestic abusers and other bullies.
  • We believe that in a Brockhouse administration women will have reduced opportunity and power.
  • Sadly, part of the pathology of this problem is that the victims of abuse, are often complicit in protecting their abusers.

We are reaching out to distinguished individuals and organizations in hopes that you will help us shine a light on this man, on this issue, and begin a loud and TIMELY conversation about domestic abuse, how to recognize it, how to escape it, how to END it (and hopefully how NOT to elect it).

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