Please investigate Women hoarding ragdoll cats and over 20 animals in a wayss service unit

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I would like to bring to your attention that a women has approximately about twenty cats plus additional animals on the premises .It came to my attention when i visited the premises & was witness to how these cats were housed & treated. Up to 10 cats were locked in the bathroom with no bedding & using the bath as a litter but their excrement was all up the walls. There was catfood tins full of maggots & the stench of ammonia was unbearable.Housed in the front yard was approx 6-8 cats, these cats never come out of this enclosure approx 6x3ft which is also full of excrement & they are always crying for some love ,attention, food & water. Then there is a tortoiseshell cat locked in a shed at the front yard this poor cat is also put in a small carrier all day just because the cat is aggressive ,should not mean it should be treated in such horrible manner and like a prisoner in a tiny sell in return this whould make the cat worse and tormented not make the cats personality better.In one bedroom there are rabbits in a pen but their urine has soaked into the carpets leaving a putrid smell & in the other room there are ringneck parrots and budgies in cages.There is also a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog whom is kept in a small backyard and has no adequate shelter & also underfed and dosent get to go for regular walks like any dog should. Except for 2 cats they are all Ragdolls which are known for their placid nature & which has mentally tortured them by not giving them adequate food on a daily basis and because they are not vaccinated they have at times had cat flu which has resulted in them dying at the vets as She took them to the vet too late to save them, in which she failed to realise that cat flu can kill and needs quick vet attention.These Ragdolls are now all interbreedindg which will lead to more health problems and deformities which can lead to ruining this precious breed of cat.She has shown at times some kind of mental illness whereas she's in bed for two days & lets the bathtub fill up with cat excrement which then she doesnt shower for long periods of time. She also has emotional outbursts then pretends as if nothing happened & at other times she appears normal but in fact is a cunning & manipulative person that can't even afford to look after herself and her animals properly.She thinks Wayss is going to give her a new house with catproof fencing & a big shed from compensation she believes they will give her. As a result of the lack of hygiene throughout the unit, mice are running rampant, especially in the kitchen, leaving droppings all over the counters.She has recently installed bars on the windows & the gate is padlocked to make it hard for inspections. Apart from a lack of respect for wayss services & a disregard for the law, the worst offence by far is the cruelty in which She has forced on these innocent animals. I would like to see all of these animals seized & banned from ever owning any again. She also needs to be prosecuted & mentally assessed. Wayss deserve all the help they can get regarding this issue and a better life given to all the animals and justice served for them. I think the world would be better if certain organisations would have more power against issues like this.

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