Stop spanking children. For children,Let your heart 'beat' and not your hand.

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Parenting is where the ‘heart beats’ and not the ‘hand’.
Look at what’s happening around you today, young teenagers are killing, hurting others, violence has become a norm, acceptable. Children learn by imitation and when you try to control them with violence then they learn that violence is the solution for everything in life. And when you try to condone that violence by saying that ‘I hit you because I love you’ then you are bringing up ‘wife beaters’ and ‘acid throwers’. Love never, ever hurts or harms! In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “punishment hardens children” and that is exactly what we are seeing today, children who have hardened emotions who kill, hit and harm because empathy is dead. How did it die? It was beaten out of the bodies of our children.

So stop spanking, hitting, pinching or abusing your child in any form. Protection of children starts at home so stop spanking children today. 

Its ok if you were spanking and now realise it was wrong. Its never too late to stop spanking and practice mindful parenting. Do it today. Become a non violent parent .