Save the Twin Creek Wind Farm Wombats

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We all love renewable energy but what if it came at the cost of a valuable ecosystem?

The proposed site for RES Australia's Twin Creek Wind Farm in the Barossa Hills is exactly that!

The chosen site is the largest contiguous patch of native grassland in the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges NRM region and is home to the most significant population of Endangered Pygmy Blue-tongue Lizards (PBTL) and the near Threatened Southern Hairy-nosed wombat (IUCN), the local NRM has wombats listed as an Endangered species. The development includes 51 huge wind turbines, 40 kilometers of roads which are 12 to 150 meters wide and 50 kilometers of 5 meter deep trenching some of which part of goes right over the top of Wombat and PBTL habitat.

There was very little mention of wombats in the Development Application and no consideration has been given to the impacts the wind farm will impose. Wombats will have to be killed for this development and do they plan to do this quietly? We want to help these animals!

We are asking for the Twin Creek Wind Farm to be relocated to a more suitable location and for the proposed site to be purchased by the State Government for conservation purposes.

Please help us make this happen!