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I rescued Ralphy when he was a stray kitten. I loved him for 11 years. He never went missing, and was a loyal feline companion. On a sad day in August of 2010, I suspect he got into a neighbors moving truck and then went missing OR I also suspect the person who moved stole him.  He was immediately filed missing with his Avid microchip company. I also filed a criminal report with the New Castle County police. I have both documents. Since 2010, numerous people have tried to find him. We had a Tabby Tracker account, Craigs List ad, hundreds of flyers, and called shelters in DE/PA.

Suddenly, in August 2014, Avid contacted me and said Ralphy was adopted out of the Chester County SPCA in PA. They never scanned him properly, twice (upon intake and when he was adopted out!) Sick and negligent. The adopter then took him to the vet and they finally found his chip. The adopter wanted to claim him but Avid said she can't because Ralphy was still reported missing since 2010. Avid then contacted me, and I was in utter shock. The new adopter doesn't want to give him up. I loved Ralphy for 11 years, she just met him. He needs to come back home to his rightful owner and live the rest of his golden years with his family. She now has stolen property and it's not fair to my boy! CCSPCA and Avid Microchip Company both called her and gave her all my contact info and details. They pleaded with her to do the right thing. She wont return anyones phone calls. New Castle County police also tried issuing a subpoena, yet failed due to statute of limitations (3 years- Its been 4yrs). My lawyer is confident we can get Ralphy back , but I also need your help! This is wrong. Lets HOPE this woman does the right thing and gives Ralphy back to his rightful and LEGAL owner.

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