Prevent Matthew Wright from working with children after violent assault conviction

Prevent Matthew Wright from working with children after violent assault conviction

1 March 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Community Access

Matthew Wright, 35 was charged in March last year of a violent assault that he orchestrated in the home of a young woman, 12 years younger than him, with whom he shared the premises as flatmates. He physically assaulted and strangled the victim, leaving her with both physical and psychological damage that has required extensive therapy to navigate. 

Matthew currently works as a Youth Team Leadership instructor at the Swan Adventure Centre. His role involves him working with children, youth and on certain instance, women, teaching them teambuilding and leadership skills while navigating outdoor activity structures (such as archery, zip lining ect), with a focus on facilitating teamwork. 

Matthew received a spent conviction following achanged  plee from 'innocent' to 'guilty ', when it became apparent evidence was not in his favour, agreeing to pay a fine and attend Anger Management Classes. This spent conviction does not mean the charge is dropped or he is not guilty - the conviction stands, but it means that his crimes will not show up on standard or third party police clearances. They will show up on government orchestrated clearances and other in depth documents, but means it is feasible for Matthew to fail to disclose or hide his crimes. 

 A Working with Children Check requires the disclosure of any legal proceedings that relate to your behaviour which could pose a risk to both children or other community members. We believe Matthew has not disclosed his conviction to the WCC in regards to his current 'Working With Childrens' card. The WWCC may be able to get a copy of your criminal record, which we seek, as an assault or violent charge of any variety means that you are a potential risk to children. We request the WWCC make a full assessment of Matthew Wright. We request that Matthews Working with Children's check be scrutinized and evaluated against the standards of safety involving working with children, the values of the education department and reflect upon how a convicton perpetrator of violence against woman is able to maintain the standards that define an individual safe to work around vulnerable community members. 

Matthew has made no attempt to apologise or reconsile with the victim following his charges. He continues to maintain the cognitive dissonance that his actions were justified, threatening to even throw out the victims belongings that she was unable to retrieve given the nature of having to leave a violent living situation, overnight. 

Matthew continues to work as a Youth Leader at the Adventure Centre in Swan Valley. We believe it is unethical that this man be continuing to work with children, young adults and women given his convictions of violent assault.

Further more we believe his actions and beliefs do not align with the values of the Anglican Church or his role as a Team Instruction. It is unfathomable that this man be responsible for teaching leadership, teamwork and life skills to our youth and children given his own personal inability to act upon these principles. Or that he work within an organisation that values respect of life, tolerance, peace and respect. 

We do not support Matthew working as a leader for children, let alone around children in any capacity. 

We ask for the scrutiny into his charges by the Working With Children Organisation as well as a resignment from his position as a Youth Leader, something he has demonstrated to not uphold the values, teachings or demonstrated safety of these individuals.

We do not believe Matthew is who we wish our children to look up to or learn from, given his charge, lack of ownership or accountability for his actions or any effort to apologise or call into question his own behaviours. 

We do not believe Matthews values and actions are inlign with either the Department of Education, the Working With Children's standards or the Anglican Church. 

Please help us continue to keep our community safe and advocate for greater accountability, transparency and communal action for perpetrators of Domestic Violence, Violence against Women and those who believe violence and harm is a justified form of behaviour, in any context. 

Please help show your support for preventing charged offenders from working with children or as community leaders. 

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Signatures: 74Next goal: 100
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