CCTV to Stop Homophobic Vandalism | Wollongong Rainbow Crossing

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On Christmas Eve 2019, Wollongong's Rainbow Crossing was unveiled to Cliff Pde, North Beach in a move by Wollongong City Council to counteract homophobia and hate speech.

The Rainbow Crossing made local, national and international headlines praising Wollongong for its efforts to accept and include its diverse community.

Deputy Mayor, Cr Tania Brown told the Mercury "It's about sending the message that we're an inclusive community, which is why I was appreciative the entire council supported it".

Recently, the Rainbow Crossing has been subject to cowardly vandalism.

The speed limit on Cliff Pde is a meagre 10/kmph, leaving no reasonable excuse for black skid marks to appear morning after morning over the crossing.

Upon receiving reports from residents and Councillors in early 2020 about the damage, Wollongong City Council took until April to re-paint the surface with better paint.

This time it would return 'brighter than ever'. 

Disappointingly, the skid marks have re-appeared blacker and thicker than before. 

Local residents continue to hear burnouts occurring on the Rainbow Crossing from surrounding streets, well after 10pm.

We call upon Wollongong City Council to install CCTV cameras to capture the number plates and faces of the homophobic vandals who purposely leave skid marks on the rainbow crossing.

Installation and monitoring of CCTV cameras at this location would prove that Wollongong City Council is serious about accepting the diversity of its community.

(Photo: Jeremy Boulton, taken 4:01pm 23rd April, 2020.)