The Wollondilly Shire Council Koalas

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The government are cutting down trees that are Koala homes. The population of Wollondilly’s Koalas are one of the only DISEASE FREE koala communities! This is our last chance to change their ways! The government has no right to do this against the local communities opinion! The government are cutting down trees for new housing developments and housing commissions! That’s not fair on one of Australia’s most loved and know native animals! 

They are even endangered! The council of Wollondilly is trying to help so why can’t we!

If we can get the local community and citizens of Wollondilly and all of Australia to disagree with the governments decision, we can change Australia’s future! This is not fair on the Koalas or the Koala Lovers! Koalas are a big part of Australia’s history and to think that people are trying to take there lives away right in front of our eyes? That’s not right. If the government would like or think this is a good idea then they should get the citizens of Australia to have a say! If Australia says ‘Go Ahead’ then that’s when they can ‘Go Ahead’. But until then, no cutting down trees, no making decisions for us! Sign this petition to say to the government ‘No, my opinion matters’ just remember, KOALAS ARE A BIG PART IN AUSTRALIAS HISTORY!