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Stop the use of 1080 poison in Menangle

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Today Sydney Fox Rescue were alerted to this article about a planned push by the Local Land Service and Wollondilly Council for increased 1080 baiting to kill foxes in our local area and neighboring properties-

Please join us at Cawdor Public School on Wednesday, March 22 from 7pm-9pm to speak out against 1080 poison, or if you can't attend sign and share this petition. 

Facts About 1080 Poison:

- 1080 is lethal and there is no antidote.
- Poisoned meat is not only eaten by foxes but many other non-target animals such as lizards, snakes, birds, quolls, dingoes, dogs and cats.
- Animals can die of primary poisoning and secondary poisoning from eating the remains of other animals. This secondary baiting can go on for up to 8 months.
- Foxes are known to regurgiatate baits which can then be eaten by other species far from the original bait site.
- Baits and carcasses of baited animals can be moved by birdsand other scavengers. Even if you do not agree to put bait on your property you will be effected.
- Death in some species can take up to two days during which time they will suffer seizures, vomitting, loss of bladder control and extreme distress.
- Research by Murdoch University found that in some cases 99% of monitored fox baits were taken by creatures other than foxes.

The risk doesn't end at non-human animals.
- 1080 is highly soluble and can also make its way into rivers and even ground- water.
- It takes only 100 milligrams of 1080 to kill an adult.
- 1080 has the potential to infect milk and meat products.
- In 2008 the World Health organization described the human adverse health effects for 1080 as vomiting, paresthesias, tremors, seizures, hallucinations, coma, cardiac arhythmias & cardiac failure and strongly advised against its use.

Do not let this toxic poison kill our animals and infect our waterways. It is time this legal yet lethal poison was banned. #ban1080 


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