Stop the film Adam being released

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The book wrote by Ariel Schrag is being turned into a film. The book is about a cis boy who pretends to be a trans man in order to persuade lesbians to sleep with him. 

Book plot summary:

  • Boy spies on lesbian sister having sex. 
  • Boy decides to pretend to be a trans man. 
  • He does get a lesbian to sleep with him, straps his penis down and uses a strap on.
  • All the actual trans men identify as lesbian this basically implies trans men are not real men. 
  • He has sex again and uses his actual penis but says it is a strap on.
  • He confesses he has been lying but she doesn't break up with him. Even says it is okay as she fantasied about him being a "real boy". 
  • They eventually break up and get back in touch later. She has a new cis boyfriend so have been 'cured.'
  • The boy is also 17 and his partner is 23 so he lies and says he is 21.

This is deeply transphobic and lesbianphobic. It implies identities are just costumes. As the the book is like that it is hard to see how the film will be any better and could be very damaging to the community. The film has been named one of the most exciting LGBTQ films of the year but if young people go and see this it could be very damaging to them.