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With worldwide human encroachment on wild areas, the ever growing agriculture and hunting industries, political fear-mongering, and long endured fairy tales and legends - the iconic, majestic wolf is being pushed to the edge of extinction. PLEASE VIEW THE VIDEO LINKED TO THIS PETITION,  "WOLF - THE LAST STAND" ON U-TUBE: 


The father of all dogs, and an apex balancer of nature, wolves must be protected with a new world view of their value.  

We, the signed, want the United Nations to recognize, respect and encourage the value of the wolf  worldwide and recognize the threat of impending extinction. Encourage all U.N. participating countries to manage wolves at the highest governmental tier. Enact special protection for wolves against wanton brutalization and persecution for political agendas or for the purpose of monetary gain.  

In the U.S.A., we want President Barack Obama to relist the gray wolves into federal protection permanently.  In April of 2011, the gray wolves were unconstitutionally delisted from the Endangered Species Act and turned over to the Rocky Mountain states for "management".  Beginning in late August, 2011 hunters eagerly declared "the only good wolf is a dead wolf' and the wolves were immediately under seige, massacred with arrows, bullets, traps, and poisons.  Thrill kill trophy hunters bragged on public forums how they would "gut shoot' wolves so that they "wouldn't die right away, but suffer longer."  Greedy ranchers wanted their cash cows to graze on public lands - wolf territory!  Wolf teeth, claws and heads were sold on e-Bay in a gruesome frenzy of disrespect.  

Wolves are misunderstood and persecuted around the world, based on unfounded fear and hatred.  In truth, wolves are smart, loyal, cooperative, and an intrical part of the web of life.  It seems the anti-wolf movement has all the 'say' over the fate of wolves; we, the signed, would like to have our voices count in support of wolves and their protection. It seems in a new world view, the humans who empathize and care, should have even more 'say' regarding the fate of wolves than those who would drive them over the edge to extinction.  


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