For Linton Pet Shop in Hare Hatch NOT to be issued a licence to sell puppies

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A puppy bought from Linton Pet Store that became ill after purchase was traced back to a puppy farm in Wales. A FOI request has showed that puppies have also been imported from Malta.  Puppy farm puppies are often removed from mum at 5 weeks old and can be left alone in the pet shop for hours.  They often suffer physically and mentally.  The puppies might be looked after whilst in the shop, however mum is in the background suffering every day and being bred from over and over again. Following a debate in Parliament in 2014, councils have the power to make the decision whether to issue a licence for pet shops to sell puppies.  We believe that the concerns regarding the source of the puppies should result in a licence NOT being issued. We therefore plead with Wokingham Council to listen to the people.