Re-open the Wodonga Pound in 2021

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In 2016, the Wodonga Council made the decision to close its pound services, instead sending all stray animals across the border to a private company - Canine Country Kennels in Albury.

This decision has resulted in increased pressure on Wodonga Dog Rescue, a volunteer-run animal rescue group which has re-homed hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens since it began in 2010.

This closure has saved the Wodonga Council money at the expense of increased burden on volunteers, difficulty for owners in retrieving their pets as well as poorer welfare and outcomes for animals. This is despite the Wodonga Council continuing to collect annual pet registration fees.

The Wodonga Dog Rescue is calling for the Wodonga Council to re-open its pound in 2021, with it’s leader Peta McRae describing a present situation of overwhelmed volunteers; ‘We've offered to put heating and cooling in, to fence it off properly, the answer is no. We've asked for land, but the answer is no’.

Please sign this petition to show your support for the re-opening of the Wodonga Pound in 2021 and share with friends and family in the area to raise awareness of this struggle.

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