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WMATA Metrorail: Minimal service? Minimum fare.

Metrorail continues to have numerous service problems. From the infrequent trains to constant delays and closings, the system often fails commuters. Even so, WMATA chooses to raise fares each year, forcing customers to pay a premium for poor service.

Here's a simple proposal: if Metro has a major delay or system issue, everyone that entered the system during the failure pays the minimum fare. WMATA shouldn't be able to charge the rush hour rate if they can't get us to work on time.

If Metro provides minimal service, customers should only have to pay the minimum fare.

Commuters shouldn't have to pay a premium for poor service. For many, Metro has become an obscenely expensive system that we nevertheless must rely on to get around the DC area. It's time to stop the excuses and act like a respected transportation operation:

No service? No exorbitant fares. Fix the system.

Together, we can start a greater conversation about ways Metro can get better right now. We're creating a community of commuters to fix the DC Metro system! 

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