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Change WMATA'S Policy To Protect Passengers That Have Fallen On The MetroBus

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Good Day,

I was a passenger on the metrobus on 12/17/2015, 8:20am that morning. This was an old bus. However, that morning the weather was sleeting  (icy rain). I boarded the bus at the front walking pass the bus.  I was making my way down the aisle of the bus trying to find a seat.  The bus had rubber flooring that was very slippery. The passengers' umbrellas were real wet as well. I was trying to walk on this slippery floor, which just like walking on glass.

The driver did not ensure I was seated and abruptly drove off. I immediately fell to the floor once it took off. The driver did not once look back to see whether I was seated. The passengers screamed out to the driver and said "Driver stop the bus, you made the lady fall!". He stopped the bus and told the passengers not to touch me, he will call the ambulance.  He made his way back to me. 

I was in so much pain. I asked him to call my husband and tell him what he had done to me. He agreed and called him. To shorten this story, from this fall, I had to get a reverse shoulder replacement (left shoulder) 7/26/2017. My left hip had to be aspirated every 4 to 6 months-and I am looking at a hip replacement. I was forced to resign my job because of the complications I have endured from the fall. This has been a horrible tragedy that had changed my whole life! WMATA stated that as a matter of policy, that they do not cover passengers falling on the metrobus and that they are not responsible. 

This is not acceptable! How could this be! They care nothing about the passengers at all! I am here to fight for PASSENGERS' RIGHTS against this jacked up policy! Let's fight for PASSENGERS' RIGHTS against this jacked up policy. Stand with me dear passengers and everyone!  God is for justice!  For together we stand, divided we fall! This must be addressed! Thank you for your support to CHANGE this ridiculous policy!



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