WoTC, Revert Greg Weisman and Nic Kelman's Retcon That Erased Chandra's s Bi/pansexuality.

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For many years,  the Magic story has been something rare in the realm of fantasy fiction.  It portrayed a wide cast of diverse characters of differing ethnicities, sexualities and gender identities.  By writing complex, diverse and lovingly crafted stories and characters,  the story team fostered inclusivity, and many marginalized people found reflections of themselves in these characters. 


However, all of this was recently undone by a few badly written paragraphs.  The new story team, headed by Nic Kelman and written specifically by Greg Weisman decided to erase character Chandra Nalaar's bi/pansexuality. They have dismissed her relationship with character Nissa Revane as platonic, and reiterated Chandra's sexual attraction to being strictly and decidedly male.

This was a huge slap in the face of the previous team that had carefully crafted the prior stories, and a slap in the face of the fans who were either previously invested in or felt represented  by the characters. In invalidating Chandra's sexual identity,  Wizards of the Coast is sending a message to these fans that their sexual identities are invalid 

What the purpose of this change remains unknown if this was done for corporate purposes (greed), or the sinister agenda of a story lead with a history of problematic writing (including erotic fiction dealing with underage girls). Whatever the reasoning is, it must be undone. 

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