Withdrawal of Plastics Ban in Our Country : Manage the Plastics Waste Instead of Banning

Withdrawal of Plastics Ban in Our Country : Manage the Plastics Waste Instead of Banning

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Reuse, Reduce, Recover, Recycle and Recreate  - - -Banning is not the solution


Many state governments have banned the use and sale of single use including plastic carry bags, Spoons, Forks, Disposable cups, hotel parcel containers etc. Developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, Europe use 200 times more than us, You cannot imagine life without it. Can you live without plastics?  Banning is not the solution, as corporations are not able to manage the waste state decided to ban Plastics. Sir would like to bring to your notice that your Swatch Bharat mission will be a failure without proper waste management, solution is not banning  solution is better waste management. Reuse, Reduce, Recover, Recycle and Recreate  


If we are talking about single use plastics, sanitary napkins, diapers and many daily used items are made of plastics which only one time used plastics. Plastics Waste can be converted in Fuel, Roads, T-Shirts, Shoes, many other useful products, there are states who tested the plastics waste on roads and its successful, we request our Prime Mister not Ban All Plastics instead make a collection systems.    

 I can also tell you when the government is banning plastics there will be many companies closing down and going in NPA (Non Performing Assets) and bankers will loose lots of money and many will loose their livelihood I request you to not ban Plastics instead Manage the waste and recycle it, its a waste to wealth process.  


Our alternates are jute bags and paper instead of plastic bag, do you thing the strength of Paper bag is enough to carry heavy weight? Do we have enough trees for paper bags? every year forests are cut down to make jute and paper bags, because of this global warming is rising up rapidly.


Plastic Industry is among the top 50 tax paying Industry in the country. It provides employment to Millions of People across the country. Ban on Plastics will create lot of unemployment in the country. Our respected Prime Minister is working hard to create employment opportunities we plead you to please do not ban but mange the waste.