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Withdraw the draft bill for the reform of the Abortion Law

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The elimination of the current term legislation, the restriction of assumptions, and the increase of obstacles and red tape for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy that the new Spanish government is proposing, will take us back to past situations, to be compelled to travel abroad, to clandestine abortions, and to the prosecution against doctors and professionals that help women.

The approval of the reform of the current Abortion Law would mean that we would have to face a reality like the one shown in our fictitious travel agency Abortiontravel, where only women with economic resources will have the right to decide, and will be forced to travel abroad to do so.

Because of this we demand the definitive withdrawal of the draft “Organic Bill for the Protection of the life of the Conceived and of the Right’s of the Pregnant Woman” that the government has presented to Parliament.

Join our petition so that Spanish women have the same right to decide freely about our maternity, as do women in most European countries. 

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