Help us please get our daughter out of adopiton & both of our kids home

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I'm a young mum in 22 years old my daughter is 1 on the 29th August 2017 she has just been adopted out I have mental health issues I was living in supported housing when my daughter was taken away I had a lot of professionals working with me telling what I can & can't do & what to spend my money on she was taken away at 8 weeks old.

Me & her dad are still together but social told her dad to leave me with no explanation or nothing it takes over 24 months to get in to mental health & never gave me the chance. I had a doctor from Plymouth saying I need a therapist I still am waiting to hear back from one. I am back in mental health team thanks to crisis teams involvement. 

Both I & my partner still wake up 3 times a night thinking we hear her cry its the most heartbreaking thing we have to cope with on a daily basis. We asked to be put into a family unit it was denyed we also asked to be put with a foster family the same happened again. They gave us one last contact 2 days after her 1st birthday. Its the most hurtful thing we have to go through. 

I feel like as soon as the social found out I was pregnant they was taking her. My daughter is now on her 5th social worker whom is the same age as me without children. My honest opion people who want to be a social worker should have kids. Then they would know the struggle of having a new born child with at least 10-15 professional every hour of the day in your home from 7am until 10pm so how can any person in the right mind can get a newborn baby into a routine when you have all sorts of professional knocking at my door well I wouldn't say knowing almost putting the window through on the door. 

Supportedhousing at no good the don't help they out you in a flat that you have to walk up with the wall broken & unsafe. They went through the flat I was living in they gave my partner a phone behind my back. My bank card went missing my phone went missing then was placed back in different areas of the property no way near they was in the first place. 

Both me & my partner asked to be moved back to Worksop as we had no family support out there on our own. The 3rd social worker failed my mum before she got to my mum's house, as a child we never had any social involvment. My life has changed since the moment my Amarra-Elizabeth got took the 3rd social worker & her manger both walked away from court on the 24th October 2016 with smiles on there face. The 3rd social worker said it was my fault what my ex had put me through. I didn't trust the 3rd worker she has no kids & in my words no experience she may be a social worker but she ain't a mum she don't know what it's like to raise a child. I have been brought up with little brothers cousins & friends of the family. I used to baby sit every weekend for atleast between 3-7 children depending. I feel helpless & lost without my girl me & her dad both do. 

I just want a chance to be a mum & raise my girl the way I was never, no offence to my parents but I wanted to raise my daughter as a family with both of her parents still together but that never going to happen. My daughter Amarra-Elizabeth is going to be a big sister she will be having a little brother I'm back under court social services for my son it's all going fine without all the professional workers we had with our daughter. Now she has a brother whom got took for hospital at 4 days old & breast feeding baby. My son has had 2 social workers within the space of 15 weeks of his life. The social are taking forever to do our assessments he has been placed with his sister & his sister knows her brothers comes to see mummy & daddy I don't know for sure but I think she keeps saying she wants to see mummy & daddy if my brothers gets to why don't I. My main concern is if there getting hurt like that little girl whom got took from parents & placed on her own with a man & got killed (like my children are on there own with a man) not just that I've been told social services are letting children between the ages of 9-18 on the streets selling them as prostatuts. I have a really big concern for my babies. Why can't people see what social services are truly like....