Ban Smoking on Public Places and Be Brighter Put Down The Lighter !!!

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As more cities consider ban on smoking in public places,Osmeña Blvd. Cebu City, as one of the heavier tobacco-using , will undoubtedly continue to debate the pros and cons of this issue with considerable . As a health and physical educator, I feel the need to weigh in on this topic. As you might expect, I support smoking bans with few reservations. Here are four reasons why. Secondhand smoke has serious negative health consequences. I personally don’t care what you do to your own body, although the educator in me would advise you to quit for your own good. I do care that your behavior affects the health of others.

We need to stop, and it should stop here.  Smoking is proven time and time again that it reduces life satisfaction, economic output and life expectancy.  We have a cure to prevent 30% of all cancers and 90% of the most deadly form.  It is eliminating smoking. Public Places, Private/Public School produces global leaders, innovators, and has an enormous impact on the world.  A recent survey of Private/Public student put out by the Anti-Cancer Society shows that about 1 out of every 4 students currently smoke.  It is time to change that.  We need a ban of smoking across Public Places insider and outsider. We need to greatly increase smoking cessation programs on campus.  We need to take a leading role, and stop cancer in its tracks.

Strong leadership with the World Health Organization Help us 
Councils across the country with Tommy Osmeña (including President Rodrigo Duterte) are signing up to the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control. This declaration states the high priority given to tackling tobacco by these authorities and outlines steps to be taken to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco, including protecting public policy from the influence of the tobacco industry. Local authorities are well-placed to lobby national government to enact tobacco control legislation.

Local authorities have the best opportunity to reduce the prevalence of tobacco smoking in their boroughs. Protecting children from the harmful effects of tobacco and helping smokers to stop is probably the best gift any local authority can give to it's residents, In the year 2018-2019.

 By signing this petition you are supporting a healthier future for all.  You are asking Public Places and Private/Public School in the Philippines to strengthen their “Smoke Free Policy” to ban smoking from insider and outsider of the campus  and to increase their efforts with smoking cessation. 

 “With an estimated 10 Filipinos teenager/adult dying every hour due to diseases from tobacco products, it is wise never to start the addictive habit of smoking,” So once again ! be brighter put down the lighter ! and don't smoke in the public grounds and also much better if you don't try to use tobacco products.

You must to support and sign up our petition so that we would make a better change to our school in public places this would be the pollution that we face right now! Adults/Students and also Senior Citizen smell the dead air when they go out to school in some adults and teenager start smoking outside of the campus using vape,cigarettes,tobacco! All we want is change to our school and public places policy!