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Apologize for your smears against victims of spousal abuse or resign

When Republican state representative Don Pridemore offered his support of a bill that compared accidental pregnancies to child abuse, he claimed that it is possible even for those in abusive marriages can rekindle their relationships "if they can refind" the reasons why they got together "and get back to why they got married in the first place."

In essence, Pridemore is saying that if someone in an abusive relationship doesn't want to make it work, it's the victim's fault. This is one of the oldest and most insidious smears against victims of spousal abuse. It is unconscionable that an elected official, regardless of party, would smear people who have had to endure such an ordeal in this way.

Anyone who spits in the face of spousal abuse victims is unfit to hold elected office at any level. If Pridemore has anything left in him, he will apologize for his crass and insensitive remarks or resign.

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    Don Pridemore

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