Impeach Judge Julie Genovese

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Impeach Judge Julie Genovese

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Mike Vega started this petition to Wisconsin State Senate and

On February 6th 2012 I found a 15 year old child weighing just 68 lbs. in her pajamas walking barefoot in Madison Wisconsin on a 20 degree day.  Upon stopping I asked her if she needed help, she said “yes”.  After placing her in my car she started to tell me her story, after a few minutes I phoned 911.  After 45 minutes and the arrival of a diligent McFarland Police officer Michael Showers she was taken away by Paramedics.

Police said the girl told officers her father and stepmother had kept her confined to the basement for years and had starved her and even forced her to eat her feces.  She also told police that she was forced to live in the unfinished basement of her family's house on since 2006.  A doctor who specialized in child abuse examined the teen and diagnosed her condition as "serial child torture with prolonged exposure to definite starvation," according to a police incident report.  Chad Chritton, the father of the victim, was arrested, along with the girl's stepmother, Melinda Drabek-Chritton. Both were charged with child abuse and assorted other crimes.  A stepbrother of the girl, Joshua Drabek, (a registered sex offender) was also charged with sexual assault of minor and other crimes. 

The horror that the Girl endured shocked me and the community to the core……after multiple trails and convictions:

Chad Chritton her father convicted of 4 felonies including: second degree recklessly endangering safety, child abuse and causing mental harm to a child. The DA recommendation was 10+Sentence 5 Years. The DA recommendation was twice that.

Melinda Drabek-Chritton pleaded no contest last year to first degree recklessly endangering safety and causing mental harm to a child. She was eligible 25 years in prison.  The DA recommended 8 years. 

Her Sentence 5 years.

And last but not least……

Joshua Drabek was looking at up to 146 years in prison for his crimes, which include a sexual assault conviction for another 15-year-old girl in a separate case.  This time the DA was recommending 30 years.

…..His sentence 5 years.

This last sentence is especially insane as he now is a three time convicted sex offender of children and was given 5 year sentence by Judge Julie Genovese who is quoted as saying he too is a victim of a “bizarre dysfunctional home.”

This reckless sentencing of a sex offender endangers our community in both the present and the future.  I encourage you to sign this petition to speak out for both Justice for the girl in his horrific case and for our State.  Removing this Judge will send a message that the people of the state of Wisconsin have a voice in decisions of those charged with protecting our communities. 


Michael Vega


February 26th, 2014

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This petition had 823 supporters

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