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Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Scott Walker: Protect Wisconsin’s mining moratorium law!

Because of strong advocacy against mining by the people of the State of Wisconsin (USA), a mining moratorium law was passed to stop sulfide mining in Wisconsin. This law requires that any company that wants to mine in Wisconsin must first prove that it can mine without causing negative environmental impacts. This law is a model for the rest of the world – for the protection of people and the environment. 

The governor of Wisconsin has said that the highest priority for the state assembly is to pass a new law that would make it easy for mining companies to operate in Wisconsin again. This could happen in early January 2013. If a mining bill passes, indigenous and other communities will again be threatened with poisoned water and the destruction of their land. Wisconsin’s mining moratorium law must be protected!

Please sign our petition to prevent new pro-mining legislation from passing and ensure that the mining moratorium law continues to protect Wisconsin’s land and water.

Letter to
District 87 Representative Rep. Mary Williams
District 12 Senator Sen. Tom Tiffany
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Around the world, mining is having devastating impacts, made possible by close relationships between mining companies and people in power. No mining companies should be allowed to operate anywhere in the world if they can’t first prove that they can mine without causing harm to people and the environment.

Protect Wisconsin’s mining moratorium law! Support Wisconsin’s people and environment, not mining companies!

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