Show the DNR we want a minimum antler size law

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Far too many people shoot young bucks and dont give them an opportunity to grow, or other hunters that are hunting for more than only meat a chance at a mature buck. Not enough hunters harvest does, when all there looking for is meat.

If the DNR were to pass a 6 point minimum, or 4 points on one side minimum, it would reduce many yearling and 2 year old bucks from being harvested.

Personal story
I started hunting at 11 years old, and got hooked on the sport very quickly. My first year of hunting I harvested a doe with my bow, and a 2.5 year old buck with my gun. Since then I have shot around 30 does, but have been very picky on the bucks I've harvested, only taking 2 mature bucks that were 3.5 years old. In my 9 years of hunting passing on average 15+ different bucks every fall. Why cant more people pass on young bucks? Many people who shoot younger bucks only harvest them for meat, but refuse to harvest does. That is the purpose of a doe tag; for meat. Passing younger bucks and letting them grow greatly increases seeing more and bigger bucks in the following years. Other states have this law, and i think its a good idea. If anyone reading this at least somewhat agrees with my idea, please vote or add some input into getting Wisconsin to start an antler minimum this coming hunting season.