Request for Government support for Kingsmead School children and families

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Kingsmead School in Wirral is set to close, 129 children - each and every one with their own story, many with additional needs, in particular issues surrounding social and emotional health. Parents/carers have been given ONE WEEK to find a school for their children for September. Vulnerable children taking ‘virtual tours’ of mainstream schools and parents/carers having to make life changing decisions armed with few facts and struggling Kingsmead teachers trying to offer support whilst concerned about their own future. The mental health of these children WILL suffer, their academic performance WILL consequently be impacted, for many families Kingsmead really has been a godsend. We propose Kingsmead receive Government support to remain open (even to be subsidised for one more year to allow parents/carers and teachers time to prepare the children) in order to continue teaching and caring for these vulnerable yet amazing children. These children need Kingsmead, Wirral needs Kingsmead, and whilst mainstream school may be an option, for many - it isn’t, and there are very few other choices besides schooling outside of Wirral.  The school has existed in Wirral for over 100 years...we need it to remain so for 100 more. Please sign...please and share