Stop the proposed PSPO being enforced across the Wirral

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I run a dog business and I love my dogs to bits - my 3 dogs are like my children. And I also love in equal measure the Wirral - in part due to the fact that we have so many beautiful unspoilt open spaces where I can walk my dogs. This is why I’m opposing the council’s proposed plan to ban dogs from our beaches and stop dogs from using our parks.

Walking my dogs has become a big part of my social life, and it’s the same for many others in this community. Being able to walk our dogs in the great open spaces of the Wirral is hugely important for me and for the dogs. Some people don’t own a car or are elderly and struggle to travel so need places near to their homes where they are able to walk their dogs.

Wirral Council’s proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) would introduce huge on the spot fines for dog owners who violate the new rules. We believe that the new rules are draconian and unjustified and will shut off these shares spaced to dog owners - something that will have a detrimental impact on our sense of community.

The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and by implementing the PSPO, the local council will be criminalising behaviour that is not really criminal. For example, a dog walking on an empty beach, or a dog owner running out of bags, or a dog running into the middle of an empty sports area. Criminalising behaviour that is not really criminal makes a mockery of the Criminal Justice System and is arguably ethically and morally corrupt.

We believe that Wirral Council do not have valid grounds to introduce this measure. There has been no data provided, no survey results provided or assessment made for each individual area and there has been no attempt to work with the vast majority of responsible dog walkers to combat any issue.

People powered campaigns have forced councils across the country to reverse their plans to implement PSPOs, and if enough of us sign this petition, we can make Wirral Council listen.

Please sign to protect our community.