Keep the Thornton manor marquees

Keep the Thornton manor marquees

3,302 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
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Why this petition matters

Started by C Davies

Wirral council have made the decision to remove Thornton manors 3 marquees.

we need to petition to try and save this wonderful business that brings so much business to the area!

After the horrific news of the fire destroying the Manor House we need to save these marquees for as long as possible!

we have no other local places like this for functions, and after 2 years of covid and cancelled weddings, events etc Wirral council have decided after their own mistake of allowing them to build in the first place to take these down in 6 months! I personally rang every venue which compares to Thornton manor in size 300+ guests and there are zero Saturdays available for the rest of the year! So where does this leave hundreds of brides especially after the Manor House tragedy.

This means a lot of people will have to cancel weddings again! They will have no where  to replace them And the suppliers and business will not survive as they have weddings booked all year! 

Please take one minute to sign and please share! let’s try and save Thornton manor these marquees have been there for 11 years they have caused no problems at all!

3,302 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!