Stop Wirral Council ruining Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Wirral

Stop Wirral Council ruining Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Wirral

17 November 2015
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WIRRAL COUNCIL All Wirral Councillors and Wirral Council Chief Executive
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Started by Help Save Hamilton Square Birkenhead

Wirral Council: Scrap plans to waste £1.1 million building a new road in front of Birkenhead Town Hall, Hamilton Square

Wirral Council has announced it intends to build a new, two way road through the current pedestrian area in front of the town hall in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. Also the scheme will open up Hamilton Street to the Square.

This scheme will cost £1.1 million pounds, with £400,000 coming from Merseytravel and £700,000 from the Council.

Hamilton Square is a potential 'jewel in the crown' for the borough, and boasts the most Grade 1 listed buildings outside Trafalgar Square in London. We need to protect this.

This scheme is designed to open up Hamilton Square to buses, HGV's, cars and motorbikes on a two way road across the front of the town hall. The Civic pedestrian area will be lost.

This scheme will see the loss of 26 vehicle parking spaces from Hamilton Square, including a reduction of disabled bays from 8 to 3.

This scheme will turn Hamilton Square into nothing more than a 'rat run' for vehicles from the A41. This scheme will make Hamilton Square noisy, more polluted and less attractive to pedestrians. The gardens in the middle will become cut off by traffic to all four sides. The loss of the pedestrian area may mean Civic events like Remembrance Day may be disrupted by traffic.

This scheme will damage local businesses in Hamilton Square by stripping essential facilities like convenient parking, and ruining the peaceful environment. This will stifle investment just at the time where we see businesses moving back into the Square.

The Council employed a woefully inadequate public consultation held over a very short period. Plans were only available on the Council website in the last few days before the consultation closed. We know many who attended the two 'drop in' sessions hosted by the Council for the scheme, have noted that artists impressions at the consultation appeared inaccurate, and council officials were unable to answer even basic questions on the potential new traffic in the Square.

The Council are aware that a recent article in the Wirral Globe stated that the pedestrian area would be retained. It will not be. However, the Council do not see fit to ask the Globe to correct this point. Many Wirral residents still believe the Council will keep the pedestrian area, which is an important civic space.

The Council have argued that the new road will bring 'vibrancy' to the Square. It will not. It is a road that brings pollution, vibration and noise. The scheme is unpopular and not in any way needed.

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This petition had 2,769 supporters

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