Do Not Let Deitrick Wallace Get Away with Killing His Dogs

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Deitrick Jermaine Wallace, a 37 year old male resident of Haleyville, Alabama has been charged with five felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, including the death of two dogs found deceased at Wallace's property.

Previous to the felony charges that were brought forward after the heart wrenching discovery in the home of Wallace in November of 2017 in which three emaciated pit bulls were discovered in horrific conditions among the two that had already starved to death, misdemeanor charges had been filed against Wallace for previous animal neglect claims against the same dogs in Wallace's possession. Wallace was found guilty but was only sentenced to a $400 fine and 60 days in jail (edit: the maximum sentencing punishable for the charges brought forward) which Wallace is in the process of appealing. WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THESE DOGS and call on the State of Alabama to pursue the maximum sentence punishable against Wallace for the felony charges that he will face in court next month! (Edit: his court date is scheduled for May 6th, at the Winston County Circuit Court in Double Speings, AL).

Backstory: Over the course of several months, multiple complaints had been called into local law enforcement, in Haleyville, by concerned neighbors that wanted to report suspicion of animal neglect and abandonment. Free State Four Paws (FSFP), a local non-profit dog rescue founded by Johnna Waid Franks, was contacted and Franks worked tirelessly to try to help facilitate a rescue for the dogs. When they were finally allowed permission to enter the residence of Wallace and carry out a rescue, they made the heart wrenching discovery: two deceased dogs, one still chained (seen in the above photo) and the other who had apparently tried to eat through an empty food dish. The other three dogs, though alive, were extremely emaciated and malnourished and on the brinks of death. The conditions they were discovered in were horrific. FSFP volunteers provided around the clock care to the three dogs that were rescued whom have since made full recoveries.  

What Wallace did to these dogs is unthinkable- he chained and locked them away without food or water, allowing them to slowly die of starvation, dehydration, and malnutrition- and we demand justice! Wallace's day in court is approaching soon- please call on the State of Alabama to take this case seriously and sentence Wallace appropriately for the crimes he committed against these innocent animals.