Wolseley was a cop

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Rename Wolseley schools and Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Content warning: racist violence; sexual violence.

This is a petition to request that the boards of trustees of the Winnipeg School Division and the River East Transcona School Division, as well as the City Council of the City of Winnipeg, rename Wolseley School located at 511 Clifton St., Lord Wolseley Elementary School located at 939 Henderson Hwy., and Wolseley Avenue in the Daniel McIntyre ward, and rename them in honour of the Métis people who so courageously resisted Wolseley’s invasion and who lost their lives for the cause.

  • Wolseley was a cop. General Garnet Wolseley was the military leader of Prime Minister John A. Macdonald’s genocidal scheme of white “armed emigration” to the North West. John A. Macdonald openly believed in the superiority of the “Aryan race” and “armed emigration” was a plot devised by the white-supremacist Canada First movement who claimed that it was Aryan men’s destiny to rule over the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island.
  • Wolseley personally incited anti-Indigenous racism among the 1,400 soldiers he commanded, white men who unleashed a racist reign of terror – including serial rape and lynching – on the Métis people of Winnipeg and Red River. Métis people lynched during Wolseley’s invasion include Elzéar Goulet, James Tanner, Francois Guilmette, and H.F.  O’Lone.
  • Wolseley was a known serial perpetrator of murderous violence against Black and South Asian people. Wolseley led armed British colonial invasions of South Africa, Ashanti (Ghana), Egypt, Burma (Myanmar), and India.
  • Wolseley was pro-slavery. Wolseley provided support and military advice to Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, and Stonewall Jackson as they fought to preserve slavery during the US civil war.