COVID-19: Demand Policy Changes for Sick Loved Ones Alone in Hospitals

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In honour of our father and grandfather, Renato Francisco who was recently admitted into hospital for his terminal cancer diagnosis - we plead to you all to sign this petition to help make a change in the Manitoba health care system during this pandemic. 

We strongly believe that individuals who are in hospital should be joined by those who support them during these rough times, especially when your health is highly compromised.  In Renato's case, our family has not been able to physically be with him. Despite, contacting all routes to hear out our concerns (eg: patient relations, unit manager, chief officer) we continued to be denied visitation rights. Keep in mind the province will begin opening gyms, patios, bars, etc. 

The Manitoba province allows visitation,  "for compassionate reasons" and "case-by-case basis" End-of-life does not always mean eminent death. End-of-life is a process and it never looks the same for everyone. Regardless of what stage in end-of-life your loved one is in, they shouldn't have to spend it alone. We encourage everyone to be empathic. Imagine being told that you have a terminal illness and that the people you would naturally turn to for support and comfort aren't present. Imagine being told that your journey doesn't meet "compassionate requirements"

This petition is not only for the patients and their families, but also for the frontline workers who have to deny families. We understand the COVID-19 precautions, but hope that policies are reviewed. Let us be reminded to be compassionate and provide patient-centered care rather than policy-centered.

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