Winnie's Law - Dog Welfare Reform

Winnie's Law - Dog Welfare Reform

6 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Wade

On Tuesday 7th June 2022 Winnie Foulds Wade a beautiful English Bull dog died unnecessarily due to over heat exhaustion with no access to any water facilities while in the care of a registered dog minder. Winnie was left in temperatures resulting in her experiencing heart and brain failure at 42 degrees.

Following an RSPCA report the frustration is presently there is no law or code of conduct written for the minimum standard of practice for animal welfare whilst in the care of any paid company. 

Winnie was in a cage for far too long with no air conditioning packed with other dogs in cages without any ability for the driver of the van to view the distress of Winnie.This unnecessary death could have been prevented had there been a law setting minimum standard for pet care companies. 

Winnie had a brother Ronnie an old english bull dog who also suffered being trapped inside the cage fighting for his life with his teeth caught. His brain hit temperatures of 42 degrees and he was temporarily blind for 24 hours before miraculously recovering due to the incredible quick action of the public and brilliant veterinary services and care.

The company at the scene 

  • Did not deliver CPR due to lack of knowledge 
  • Did not have water/ cooling facilities 
  • Did not have adequate air conditioning units 
  • Tools to release the cages in an emergency
  • First aid protocols in place
  • Temperature gauges or alarm monitoring systems 
  • Access to view / cameras of the dogs in the back of the van 

Winnie was just 2 years of age and was given to her mummy Melanie as her husband died from cancer and was her families way of helping her move forward with a beautiful princess she treasured called Winnie. 

This unnecessary death of a beautiful caring, soft, gentle princess family member needs to be the last and the call for the government to move forward with a call for a law setting a minimum code of conduct for any business registered to take care of pets. 

Please sign Winnie's law petition to call for a change in the law to set a minimum standard of code of practice and making it illegal to carry dogs without the correct facilities or first aid CPR training. 

STOP another unnecessary death of a dog from heat exhaustion.

Winnie would have been 3 years of age next week lets make her the dog that changed the law with "WINNIE'S LAW"




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Signatures: 7,600Next Goal: 10,000
Support now