Proposing Traffic Signals on CB and Oakridge Road

Proposing Traffic Signals on CB and Oakridge Road

February 22, 2016
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Winnebago County Board of Supervisors
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Why this petition matters

Started by Corey Popp

My name is Corey Popp, and I am a resident of the Town of Neenah. I have started a petition to encourage the Winnebago County Highway Department to increase the safety of the intersection of County Highway CB and Oakridge Road by installing traffic signals.

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Why a Petition?

The Winnebago County Highway Department told me the intersection has been the subject of two past traffic analyses to determine if additional traffic control (such as traffic signals) was warranted. On both occasions, the study determined further control was not needed. A third analysis is scheduled for the summer of 2016.

A representative from the county told me that in addition to the technical analysis of the intersection, the thoughts and opinions of residents and neighbors can be valuable when it comes to justifying upgrades.

This online petition serves as a way you can make your opinion known to local and county officials. It is an opportunity to be heard.

Why Traffic Signals?

When I spoke to the county, my original request was for a roundabout. The representative told me a roundabout is rarely used as the first upgrade in traffic control. A more likely solution would be traffic signals or a four-way stop.

In my opinion, a four-way stop could increase the danger of the intersection given its long-standing familiarity with residents as a two-way stop as well as the fact the intersection suffers from poor visibility, especially in fog and darkness. 

At this point, the installation of traffic signals appears to be the most likely compromise between residents and the county when it comes to increasing safety, controlling traffic, and reducing accidents at the intersection.

Accidents at the Intersection

According to a recent request for public records I made from the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office, the intersection has been the scene of 22 traffic accidents since 2013. Information on resulting property damage and injuries was not available.

As the intersection stands today, the convergence of four through lanes and eight turn lanes are controlled by just two stop signs. The posted speed limit on Highway CB is 45mph, although caution signs are posted to encourage motorists to reduce their speed to 35mph when approaching the intersection.

As traffic increases on both CB and Oakridge, I believe we can only expect accident numbers and the potential for serious injuries to increase.


This petition made change with 1,948 supporters!

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