Stop the return of Stamford High School Principal Donna Valentine & Assistant Principal Roth Nordin

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I’m starting this petition because of my concern of the welfare and safety of the Stamford School District students.  When we, as parents enroll our children in school, we believe educators and administrators in charge have our children’s safety as one of their priorities, and Stamford High School Principal Donna Valentine and Assistant Principal Roth Nordin failed us.

On October 2, 2014, Valentine and Nordin were arrested on charges of failing to report to authorities the alleged inappropriate sexual relationship between Stamford High School teacher Danielle Watkins and a student under their authority, along with Watkins’ alleged supplying of marijuana to students. 

Principal Valentine and the Assistant Principal Nordin were aware of the allegations against Watkins as early as December, 2013.  According to Connecticut Law, school officials must report any suspicions of child abuse within 12 hours by telephone and submit a written report within 48 hours, neither of which was done.  Instead Valentine and Nordin decided to “conduct” an independent investigation or what I would like to call, ignore the situation. 

The student’s safety was never a priority to them, the moment they decided to ignore such serious matter, they broke the law and made their own personal selfish priorities matter more than their student’s security. 

Valentine and Nordin pleaded not guilty to the charges and on November 19, 2014, Judge Richard Comerford, granted an accelerated rehabilitation, which will erase all criminal charges. 

To have Valentine and Nordin return to Stamford High School would be a slap in the face to all parents and students.  These two administrators, who clearly do not have our children’s safety as a priority do not deserve to have that privilege.  What kind of authority figure could they be? When they have broken the law.  They are not the kind of Principal and Assistant Principal I want leading my child’s education. 

By signing this petition we can stop these two irresponsible individuals from returning to a position they did not value and respect.  I hope Superintendent Winifred Hamilton, Board of Education President Geoff Alswanger, Stamford State's Attorney David Cohen,  Senior Assistant State's Attorney Maureen Ornousky, Ted Jankowski, Stamford's director of Public Safety, Health & Welfare and Connecticut Department of Children and Families take notice of this petition and will actually take into consideration the wellbeing of our students.   

I have to say that since the day Valentine and Nordin were arrested, Stamford High School students are at a much better place, they feel validated and are much more satisfied with Principal Interim Rodney Bass, a long time Stamford administrative veteran.

Please do not allow these two careless individuals to return to Stamford High School by signing this petition.  Our children no longer have to deal with a Principal and Assisted Principal who never interacted with them and obviously still do not care about them.

Thank you,

SHS Mother



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