It's called PORK ROLL, not Taylor Ham. Change the name!

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According to emergent news reports, dairy product purveyor Windy Brow Farms has elected to call their newest ice cream flavor "Taylor Ham Ice Cream". However, as any born and bred True Jerseyan can attest to, the true name of the pork-based processed meat in question (which originated in the garden State's capital city of Trenton in 1856) is "pork roll". News reports from and NJ 101.5 perpetuate this narrative, so let us set the record straight.

Over 76% of the denizens of our fair state agree it is Pork Roll, even Taylor's own packaging says, "Taylor Pork Roll", yet this misprint still exists. The issue has been settled by federal statute since 1906, when the Pure Food And Drug Act established a federal definition for the word "ham", forcing John Taylor to change the name in our favor. Lastly, Pork Roll is a TRENTON product - so the denizens of the greater Trenton area take umbrage with an assumption by North Jerseyans that they can dictate the name of OUR beloved products, rather than using the names we have bestowed upon them.

In summation - as born and bred Central Jerseyans and proud Trentonians - it is our sacred duty to protect the integrity of our greatest source of pride, therefore we the undersigned demand nothing less than a full and immediate retraction and an appropriately named and DELICIOUS "Pork Roll Ice Cream" to be launched at the Trenton Pork Roll Festival of 2018 later this month.

We will not yield.