Support the seasonal closure of Matchette rd. and Malden rd. to save species at risk

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Please support Windsor's City Council to impose a temporary road closure (i.e., “local traffic” only detour) of Matchette Rd., from Sprucewood Ave. to Broadway St. (1.8 km) , and Malden Rd, from Todd Lane to Armanda St. (1.6 km), beginning on Sept 1 2019 and extending to October 27 2019 (8 weeks).

The area and time recommended for the closure are especially significant for young snake migration some of which are considered a species-at-risk (SAR). At this time of year they are being born (or hatched) and looking for a hibernation location. Since 2015, a total of 1,243 snakes have been found dead-on-road, including 263 individual SAR snakes. The majority of all dead snakes (63%) and all dead SAR snakes (72%) were found on Malden and Matchette roads (combined). Also, the majority of all dead snakes (72%) and all dead SAR snakes (73%) were found in September and October (combined)

It will not just be snakes that this closure would be helping but the abundance of  wildlife that live in the Ojibway Prairie Complex which is recognized as: an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, Provincially Significant Wetland, a Carolinian Canada Site, an Important Amphibian and Reptile Area, and part of the International Wildlife Refuge for the Detroit River (first of its kind for North America). The OPC contains the largest protected tallgrass prairie remnant in Ontario. This complex supports a 160 species at risk in Ontario, some of which are found nowhere else in Canada and others which are globally imperiled.

"They’re disappearing because their habitat is in tatters, and we’re running over them with our cars. We’re doing something about the first problem. The city is set to acquire Ojibway Shores, the last natural shore on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, and add it to the other remnants that compose the Ojibway Prairie Complex.

If we can do that, we can temporarily close several kilometres of roads to protect our investment." - Anne Jarvis, The Windsor Star 22/08/19.

Signing this petition shows to your elected officials that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed to help our local wildlife from going extinct.