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TW// m*rder, s*xual assault, 

Ee Lee, 36 year old woman was physically assaulted and raped by ten teenagers in washington park, milwaukee on september 20th. 

However, Lee tried to flee from the attackers to a nearby pond but was followed and beaten to near death afterwards, as well as the attackers that were responsible was filmed escaping the scene.

Two anonymous males then called the police to report that Lee was unconscious and interrogated by the police for further evidence, however. the footage of Lee was deleted off their phones. 

Lee was hospitalized soon but died several days later from fatal injuries, along with evidence of sexual assualt from the hospital.

The police refused to arrest the targets even with clear evidence that they were the ones who killed lee, we must fight for justice for ee lee and her family to get them arrested and charged, the system is corrupt and we must fight for our rights!