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Save the Parks in Abbotts Barton from Housing Development

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I OPPOSE any housing development on the Dyson Drive Green site and the central Park site (Sites S7 and S4) and believe these are vital green community amenities which should be preserved and protected. It is imperative that these Parks are made exempt from development and given the appropriate status which protects them from any future development.

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Winchester City Council is proposing to build up to 15 new council houses on the Dyson Drive Green and up to 20 new council dwellings (8 houses & 12 2 bed flats) on the central Park to the southern perimeter of Charles Close and adjacent to Chaundler Road. Details of these proposals can be found at:

The Green on Dyson Drive is designated by the City Council as important informal recreation space for the local community (under policies RT.1 and RT.2) and is used for that purpose by many local residents. Despite this, the City Council appears intent on ignoring its own policy and building on the Green. Similarly, the central Park on Chaundler Road is accepted as the heart of the community and is used by residents and by many local people from neighbouring areas (especially Hyde & Kings Worthy), but the City Council wants to build houses on the Park anyway. Winchester is already desperately short of recreational space: the entire city has only 18 hectares, which is well below the approx 30 hectares which the City Council itself estimates that a city this size should already have. It is therefore necessary to fight to protect what little recreational space the community has from the City Council’s housing developments, especially in view of the fact that 2100 more homes are destined to be built in the north of the city in the near future making the shortfall of green amenity even more desperate.

The proposed houses on the two parks will result in the loss of the community's vital green space and must be resisted by the community as well as all neighbouring local residents! The City Council is currently undergoing a period of consultation and planning development during which it considers its proposals and formulates a draft master plan for a Cabinet Housing Committee meeting on Feb 27th, which members of the public are all welcome to attend to support the Save The Parks campaign. That meeting precedes the Council applying for planning permission to build on the two parks. As part of this process, local residents need to write to the council NOW letting them know that they OPPOSE the plans to build on both Dyson Drive Green and the Park.  Please support both sites so as to avoid the community being forced to choose between them. 

Every voice counts and the more people that oppose the developments on our green spaces, the better the chances the community has of preventing housing developments replacing our parks. Please take action now! Waiting until later or leaving it to others is likely to result in our parks being replaced by houses. For further information and updates, please visit


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