People are homeless, councils are heartless

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Salisbury has been through quite a bit recently. It seems our elected voices have decided that it is an apt to stamp on those that are most vunerable in our society.

Underneath The Maltings car park, some of our homeless citizens have found a little shelter from the elements. Not a great deal, but some cover at least.

The council have decided to 'help' the less fortunate by placing a metal hoarding around the area in which they sheltered, and removing (binning) their personal property.

I'm disgusted at this approach to solving the issue of homelessness.

I'm proposing the council find a better solution to homelessness, and until they do, replace the only option that was left to them. REMOVE the hoarding.

I will announce an event soon, where we will encourage large numbers to 'sleep rough' in the carpark soon. This should help gain public interest as well as allow us to realise quite how lucky we are. We must keep our eyes open. 

Please sign this petition and I will ensure that the powers that represent us, can see what we think about this decision.