To remove main cause of drama in Cricklade. Re-home the trouble makers.

To remove main cause of drama in Cricklade. Re-home the trouble makers.

5 July 2021
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Started by L C

Get them out and protect our children.

Unfortunately, the locals of Cricklade have been terrorised by two individuals who go by the names of ; Ms Howe and Ms Sawford and the company they keep - Mr Morse and Mr Atkins Over the last few months their inappropriate behaviour has become almost a daily occurrence and is causing stress to the locals. 

For the last few months the police have been called to numerous situations where these two females have either verbally attacked and/or physically attacked the neighbourhood residents - some even being as young as five years of age. Social services have also been informed about the growing concerns of their aggressive behaviour and drug abuse. 

The concern for the general public's safety is growing rapidly as they seem to have no limits to whom they will attack next. 

Ms Howe & Ms Sawford have attacked not only children (with hot beverages being thrown, trying to run over school children in the safety of their own driveway , swerving at moving vehicles in the road) they verbally attack people of all ages - in the local shops (Londis and Tesco),  have been known to insult old ladies on the street,  they shout abuse at strangers as they drive past in their car. They use rude hand gestures to children, They throw bricks at peoples homes and purposely wait outside their neighbours flats to intimadate and harrass them. People get voice notes and phone calls threatening their lives, homes and children - they have also been known to verbally abuse a disabled toddler and his mother and so much more around the town that I just can't type it all out. 

Although all of this has been reported to the police; nothing at all has been done. 

The people of Cricklade have had enough and would like the problem to... if not sorted - to be removed. 

We believe rehousing these people will bring instant peace and calm to our lovely little town and parents will feel it's safe enough to allow our children back outside to play.

By signing this petition we are showing that in unison, we all think it would not only make Cricklade safer, but also improve our 'tight knitt' community by rehousing these individuals elsewhere and separately. 


This petition made change with 257 supporters!

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