Don't remove the headstone of Phoebe Harris

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Wiltshire council have decided my baby girls headstone must be removed due to it not making the guidelines with measurement. And due to several complaints. Even though they approved it months before.

 Full story:
After a long wait and many months, Phoebes stone arrived in May/June time. It was finished and approved by 23rd of September which is when it was placed in Pine Lawns, Warminster. Plot number O42.

It has been completely hand carved using a hammer and chisel. It took months to get finished, every sparkle, letter and detail of the fairy (hand drawn by a local tattoo shop and measured to fit the stone exact) had alltaken many weeks to finish.
The heart in the middle of the stone was made from a new piece of marble and hand chiseled to fit. 
The footprints were the exact same size as the ones taken of her feet the day she died. 

This stone is NOT easy to replace. 

The council have not put any thought and consideration into this at all. 

The reasons given by the council when phoned today were "there has been loads of complaints." And also "the height and width exceeds the limit" 
Which is very odd as there are many stones in the grave yard (pine lawns) with stones not the just same size, but bigger!

The stone was also approved by the council at the start of September. So nearly 3 months on, they are forcing the stone to be removed for a smaller one. This process could take weeks.
Costing time, money and effort and causing unnecessary grief to the family in an already hard time. 

The family were also not informed at all and were informed through a third party which is also unacceptable. 

The stone mason has been told the stone has to be removed otherwise he will not be allowed to provide headstones to the grave yard again. Which would cost his whole business ! This is blackmail and out of order. 

Please share this page and help make the headstone stay where it is!!

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