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Reduce the amount of Water Bottle Waste and Water waste

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The average American uses about 170 water bottles per year and only recycle about 40 of those bottles. This single statistic reveals the problem both within our society, and more specifically in our community. After collecting data from both girls and boys lacrosse teams at Wilton High School, it is evident that there needs to be change in order to create an eco-friendly environment for our generation and generations to come. The water bottles we produce each year use up to 17 barrels of oil and use enough energy to power 190,000 homes. We are asking that the population of Wilton High School sign this petition to place recycling bins in the athletic team rooms and on the artificial turf fields. This petition also calls for better communication between the Athletic Department and the recycling club to find better ways to stop waste in the high school. Lastly, people who sign this petition support the effort to reward teams who go out of their way to limit plastic bottle and water waste.

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